Distribution and Travel Technology

AirTrav and our associates hold significant experience in distribution and travel technology across the airline, global distribution system (GDS), travel supplier and travel management company sectors. Our capabilities include the following areas:

  • Map fully allocated passenger distribution costs
  • Analyze direct and indirect distribution channels by point-of-sale, yield generation, customer segment, travel agencies, and by GDS share
  • Balance direct and indirect sales, providing channel shift advice and calculating financial contribution based on each distribution channel
  • Examine direct connect opportunities, strategies for API development and steps to achieve certification with the IATA NDC standard
  • Recommend best-fit indirect channels including leisure agencies, travel management companies (TMCs), online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch
  • Evaluate travel technology needs including internet booking engines, fares databases, direct connect APIs, merchandising and eCommerce solutions
  • Guide airline incentive strategies for agencies including back-end override programs and GDS agency subscriber agreements
  • Performance audit of general sales agents (GSAs) and structuring of effective GSA agreements
  • Strategy development and support for negotiations with global distribution systems (GDS) and passenger service systems (PSS)
  • White-label distribution agreements with OTA’s