Travel Management Analytics

One of AirTrav’s key strengths is our full spectrum involvement in the airline and travel sectors. We can assist agencies, travel management companies and corporations in strategic sourcing, partner negotiations and financial models related to travel. AirTrav provides guidance in the following areas:

Corporate Travel

  • Analyze unmanaged, unstructured corporate travel policies
  • Examine existing travel and card spend by category, location and supplier
  • Negotiate corporate travel booking and management fees
  • Outline potential annual travel spend savings based on enhanced supplier agreements, effective managed travel and deployed travel technology
  • Recommend self-serve booking tools and/or changes to full service travel management agreements
  • Structure revised or new travel policies and assist negotiations with air, hotel and car suppliers

Travel Agencies

  • Assess bottom line effectiveness of travel supplier agreements, looking at back end overrides, net fares and GDS incentives
  • Clarify supplier strategies and assist negotiations with air, car, hotel, travel insurance and other travel suppliers
  • Conduct strategic reviews of current business model, customer segments and profitability, and recommend revised structure and direction
  • Define travel technology strategies, including global distribution systems (GDS) and direct connect/NDC
  • Develop or enhance loyalty programs and partner terms
  • Evaluate current agency financial model including ticketing and corporate management fees, and recommend potential changes
  • Examine existing and new online booking portals and recommend changes or acquisitions of appropriate technology
  • Structuring existing or new general sales agent (GSA) agreements for maximum results and financial performance
  • Support and conduct negotiations for GDS agency subscriber agreements, and contracts with other travel technology companies